Our Lab Space

Whitman undergraduates majoring in chemistry or BBMB are encouraged to reach out if you are interested in our research and possibly joining the lab. Students are normally hired in the fall semester of their sophomore year, although juniors are also encouraged to apply. First years are welcome to contact Prof. Hendricks to discuss what research might look like and the potential for future opportunities but new research positions are usually reserved for sophomores and juniors. Whitman students are also invited to use my.whitman to search for the email addresses of current group members to ask about their experiences.

The chemistry department organizes a formal recruiting process in the fall semester to support students looking for research positions. More information can be found here.

You do not need any research experience to join the lab, but being enrolled in or having completed CHEM 251 Organic Chemistry Lab I is usually helpful (although this is not a strict requirement depending on the project). We are looking for students who are committed, enthusiastic, and open to learning new things. Joining the lab comes with a commitment from both the student and professor which varies depending on funding and other factors, but usually includes a 9-10 week paid summer position for 1-2 summers plus 1-2 credits of research per semester until graduation.

Research is one of the best ways to learn chemistry and the ability to work closely with a faculty mentor on your own independent research project as an undergraduate student is one of the most powerful features that sets Whitman apart from other institutions. Whether you intend to pursue a career in industry or teaching, a graduate degree in chemistry or a related field, medical school, or another path (including those that don't rely on chemistry), your experience undertaking undergraduate research will likely be powerfully useful in achieving those goals in addition to helping you decide what you want to pursue.

Not yet a Whitman student? High level undergraduate research is one of the many ways that Whitman provides an unparalleled experience for undergraduate students; our work is published in the top chemistry journals and presented at prestigious national and international conferences. Prospective students are welcome to contact Prof. Hendricks to discuss research or other aspects of the chemistry program at Whitman and are encouraged to reach out to the admissions team to discuss the Whitman experience.