The Hendricks Lab is fully committed to making the opportunities of undergradute research available to all Whitman undergraduates and undertaking our science in a responsible and respectful way.

We are committed to increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of our lab, the chemistry department, the Whitman College community, and the field of chemistry. We will actively work towards a more inclusive and supportive research and teaching environment, which includes continuously educating ourselves and unlearning racial biases. We welcome individuals of all races, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations as members and collaborators of the lab. In particular, we recognize the anti-Black racism that has perpetuated American history and stand in solidarity with Black lives. We also acknowledge that Whitman College is located on the traditional Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla homelands. We pay our respect to tribal elders both past and present and extend our respect to all Indigenous people today.

We are committed to the health and safety of all lab members as a core principle, which includes physical, mental, and emotional health and safety. We are particularly cognizant of the physical risks that chemistry research poses, will attempt to mitigate these as much as possible, and will only undertake experiments that we agree can be accomplished safely. No research is as important as the wellbeing of our lab members. We strive to establish a lab environment where members feel heard and able to express their most authentic selves. We believe that when lab members feel mentally/emotionally safe and authentic, they will inevitably have more to contribute to the lab and a more fulfilling research experience. Additionally, we strive to perform our research in the most environmentally friendly way possible and to utilize the principles of green chemistry in our experiments.

Finally, we hold the integrity of our science in the highest regard and will strive to ensure it is reproducible and clearly communicated.

We believe that our research endeavors are a positive influence on the members of our lab and society at large and will continuously work towards having the largest positive impact possible.

We agree to adhere to the Chemical Professional's Code of Conduct which mirrors our lab values above:

Chemical professionals should seek to advance chemical science while striving for the highest standards of scientific integrity. This includes sharing ideas and information, keeping accurate and complete records, and giving due credit to the contributions of others. Undisclosed conflicts of interest and scientific misconduct, including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism, are incompatible with this code.

Chemical professionals should be aware of laws and regulations related to the professional conduct of science to ensure that their profession is practiced safely and appropriately.

Chemical professionals should be actively concerned with the health and safety of co‐workers, consumers, and the community. Professionals have a responsibility to serve the public interest and to further advance scientific knowledge. This includes ensuring that public comments are made with care and accuracy to avoid unsubstantiated, exaggerated, or premature statements.

Chemical professionals should treat others with respect and will not engage in discrimination, harassment, bullying, dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, coercive manipulation, censorship, or other misconduct. Such actions apply to all professional, research, and learning environments, regardless of whether or not the action alters the content, veracity, or meaning of research findings, and regardless of whether or not the action affects the planning, conduct, reporting, or application of science.

Chemical professionals should take responsibility to act or intercede where possible to prevent misconduct. This includes reporting suspected research misconduct, as well as any discrimination, harassment, bullying, dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, coercive manipulation, or censorship.

Chemical professionals should be mindful of Implicit Bias and Unconscious Bias and strive to avoid all bias based on race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, educational background, or other personal attributes.

Chemical professionals should strive to do their work in ways that are safe and sustainable for the environment. This includes continuing to work to develop sustainable products and processes that protect the health, safety, and prosperity of future generations.

Chemical professionals should serve clients faithfully and incorruptibly, respect confidentiality, advise honestly, and charge fairly. Additionally, they should promote and protect the legitimate interests of their employers, comply with safety policies and procedures, fulfill obligations, and safeguard proprietary and confidential business information.

Chemical professionals should strive for continual professional growth both personally and more broadly in the tutelage of others as a trust conferred by society. Professionals have a responsibility to understand limitations of their knowledge, remain current with developments in their field, learn with and encourage others.