Hendricks Laboratory at Whitman College

Our group investigates the synthesis of nanocrystalline materials, with an emphasis on understanding the pathways through which they form. We work at the interface of physical, materials, and inorganic chemistry. Read about the experience of some group members. Also check out our group values.

Lab News:

6/8/22: Mark just returned from the NSF Early Career Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia. It was a great opportunity to think about proposal writing, how research and education intersect, and what our lab will be proposing for future directions. As always, it's so good to see old friends and colleagues and add new folks to those categories at these in-person events. Thanks for hosting, NSF!

5/31/22: We are excited for summer research to start again! This is the first summer we have experienced students returning for a second (normal) summer in the lab: we're looking forward to Kathryn and Jolene helping lead our research this summer. We're also lucky to have lab technician Kaia sticking around for the summer, and CS students Grant and Diego joining the lab to continue our efforts in lab automation. So much science to do!

5/22/22: Congratulations to Emily on her graduation! Emily wrote an impressive thesis, particularly given the challenges of starting in the lab just a couple weeks before the pandemic started. Her contributions to the lab will be felt for years to come. Emily is off to UCSD to pursue a PhD in chemistry!

Congrats to Noah and Max on their graduation as well, who made significant advances to our lab automation research thrust.

4/2/22: In collaboration with the Owen Group at Columbia University (among many other amazing collaborators), Mark is a co-author on two papers published in RSC's Chemical Science describing the nucleation and growth processes of semiconducting metal sulfide and selenide nanocrystals. Check out the Publications page for links to these (open-source!) papers.

3/24/22: Emily, Kaia, and Mark just returned from the ACS National Meeting in San Diego. Emily & Kaia presented their work at poster sessions and Mark presented at the inaugural PUNC symposium. Mark was priviledged to help organize the symposium with wonderful PUNC colleagues.

11/1/21: Mark is a co-author on a perspective article in ACS Nanoscience Au describing PUNC: the Primarily Undergraduate Nanoscience Cooperative, an organization that our lab has been a member of since its founding.

8/25/21: Even after dealing with temperature records, broken building HVAC, and major electrical outages, summer research was a huge success! We are particularly pround of Kathryn and Noah presenting to a national network of nanoscience peers and faculty during our PUNC group meetings. We made significant progress on all of our projects and are looking forward to a school year back in-person.

6/7/21: Summer research is starting! We're thrilled to have research students back on campus without as many restrictions thanks to a vaccine mandate, and are looking forward to Kathryn, Jolene, Emily, Michael, & Noah pushing our science forward!

6/1/21: In addition to our recent PRF grant, we're thrilled to annouce that the lab has also received a Natural Sciences Grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust to support our studies in single-source precursors for ZnS synthesis.

5/23/21: Congratulations to Kaia, Soren, & Mitchell on graduating! We couldn't be more proud of all you accomplished in these trying times and wish you the best in your future endevours: Soren is starting a Ph.D. at UW and Mitchell is enrolling in UW's Material Science and Engineering graduate program.

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