Hendricks Laboratory at Whitman College

Our group investigates the synthesis of nanocrystalline materials, with an emphasis on understanding the pathways through which they form. We work at the interface of physical, materials, and inorganic chemistry. Read about the experience of some group members.

Lab News:

10/27/20: The lab is awarded our first external grant from the ACS PRF! This will support our efforts to understand how reaction parameters influence the phase of inorganic nanomaterials. The grant will pay the summer salary of 1-2 research students for the next three summers and other costs of running the lab. Congratulations to the lab members who made this possible!

8/24/20: The start of the fall semester and an academic year unlike any other. We're looking forward to doing research this semester in whatever forms it takes.

7/6/20: Our paper with the Mauck (Kenyon College), Tisdale (MIT), and Stupp (Northwestern) labs is published in Nature Chemistry: congrats to James and Katie on an excellent contribution to the perovskite field!

6/1/20: Summer research starts! We'll be primarily working online and are sure to miss the lab, but we're excited to make progress on our research nonetheless.

5/1/20: Summer research funding announced: Emily, Kaia, Michael, Mitchel, & Soren all received Perry awards to support their research this summer.

11/10/19: Soren, Jack, and Mark attend the Murdock College Science Research Conference. Soren & Jack presented posters on their work!